Paul's Boutique

Oderberger Straße 47
10435 Berlin

Monday – Saturday
12 to 8 pm

That was the beginning, our first store. It's packed with sneakers, T-shirts, Jeans and pretty much everything else that one can wear. Because the shop is only roughly organised, it's probably best to come with a little time and dig through the stuff. The walls and shelves are filled with toy robots, boomboxes and Star Wars Collectibles – all the stuff I wanted so desperately when I was a little kid in East Berlin and now it's all mine!

This store stocks sneakers by Adidas, Nike, Puma, Converse, Reebok, New Balance ... used denim by Levis, Nudie, Lee, Wrangler, Cheap Monday ... shirts and jackets by Fred Perry, Stüssy, Carhartt, Irie Daily and many many other brands. Vintage leather jackets, dresses and plenty of shoes.


Oderberger Straße 45
10435 Berlin

Monday – Saturday
12 to 8 pm

After wearing fucked up jeans and Converse Chucks for a decade, we found out that there's nothing wrong with a nice suit and that girls can look pretty amazing in a dress by Alexander McQueen. Yes, I know we are a bit slow ...

This little shop of ours only sells used designer brands. It stocks used pieces by Acne, APC, Miu Miu, Dior, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, McQueen, YSL, Helmut Lang, Y-3, Comme Des Garcons and many others.


Torstrasse 70 & 76
10119 Berlin

Monday – Saturday
12 to 8 pm

A lot has changed on Torstrasse since we opened our little store in 2008. The street formerly known as Wilhelm-Pieck-Strasse seemed to be the one forgotten boulevard of Mitte. Loud, harsh and dirty. Now there are loads of new stores and restaurants for a hip urban crowd, rents are moving up fast and during fashion week it turns into a catwalk... Luckily the street still retains it's rough charm and is fun to visit.

In 2018 we opened a second space on Torstrasse 70, with our friend Heikes Guitar Repair in the back.

More space, more clothing AND you can have your guitar fixed.

This store stocks Cheap Monday, Clarks Desert Boots, Vintage Dr. Martens, Rock-T's, jewelry, sunglasses, belts, Vintage bags and jackets and and and ...


Pannierstrasse 45
12047 Berlin

Monday – Saturday
12 to 8 pm

Formerly a pharmacy built in the 40's, abandonded since the late 90's the space is great. It was a lot of fun to build it. Like any new baby it needed a name and like all the other shops I opened so far, it was so supposed to be one of my favorite records. My friend Renko suggested „Repeater“ that great record by Fugazi and I think it's the perfect fit.

Not only do I love the music, but everything about that band, their label and their attitude. DIY in it's best sense, do what you love, act locally, but be open and inviting to the outside world, hire your friends, treat them fairly and with respect and do the best job you can do by your own standards. That was appealing to me in the 90's and to this day I believe that this is the best way to live your life. You may not get rich or famous, but it can be really rewarding and succesful in it's own little way.

This store stocks a vast handpicked selection of Vintage -Shoes, Denim, Bags, Accessoires, Skirts, Knitwear, Shirts, Dresses, Blouses, Jackets, Coats ...


Over the years the store became a source for many stylists and costume designers, who rent and buy our clothing for photo shoots, commercials, movies and plays. To make life a little easier for them, we now have an archive. It stocks a big and carefully selected collection of vintage band shirts, Redwing Boots, denim, sunglasses, dresses, leather jackets and belts among many other things. The majority of the collection is linked to subcultures such as Rock, Punk, Metal, Skateboarding, Hip Hop or Rave, This stuff is only for rent and not for sale. It is for professional use only.

Pauls Art Rental

Like all my other businesses this one started with my passion for collecting pretty much everything that I love. In fact, it is probabaly fair to say that I started my ventures simply to justify my collecting habit. I still find hunting for things incredibly fun in a very primal way. Even more so, when you can make good use of all these things later on.

A couple of years ago we opnened the archive for clothing (for use in film, commercials etc). That was working so wel that we decided to open another one for artworks. Over the last couple of years I bought a fair amount of work that was painted or drawn in the style of important artists of the last century. They are all unique artworks - not prints, exact copies or reproductions. They are obviously not originals by the masters but they do capture certain movements and periods quite well - and can be used for films, plays, commercials, temporary showrooms etc. So for whatever purpose, when you need stylistically and historically correct artworks on the walls, we hope to have what you are looking for. (The wikilinks included are there to help the set designers with the historical context). This archive is for professional use only.

by request

Pauls Art Archive

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